Saturday, 16th April, 2011 – Brisbane to Coffs Harbour

Kilometres traveled: 400

Weather: Started cloudy, then rained, and rained, and rained.

Today was the first day of our two-week road-trip. Early this morning we hooked up the Teardrop to the trike and put on our water-resistant gear. We left home at about 7.45am. It was cloudy but we were quietly confident that at worst we might hit a couple of showers. We were on the road for a couple of hours before our luck ran out.

We stopped at a free ‘stop, revive and survive’ place where two beaming ladies served us tea and biscuits, it was lovely. We took off our wet weather gear as we didn’t think we’d need it any more. But of course as soon as we set off for the next leg of the journey, ominous grey clouds appeared over the horizon.

Trike and Teardrop before the downpour. We are having tea and biscuits.

We stopped to change clothes again, in case we hit a shower or two, and it rained almost non-stop for the rest of the journey.

We had the umbilical cord connecting our helmets and sometimes this is not a good thing. Chris worried me when he kept saying, “I can’t see a thing… my visors fogged up… the tinted visor is too dark in the rain… I can’t see properly.” Eventually he pulled over and changed over to a clear visor. No scary commentary after that, thank goodness.

Eventually there was a break in the weather, but not for long. We took the opportunity to pull over at a rest stop for a tuna sandwich and a cup of tea. And a visit to the delightful (not) rest stop toilet.

As soon as we set off it rained again, this trip was two-thirds wet and one-third dry. I hope the ratio is less than that for the rest of the trip.

More skins on than an onion.We got to the camp site at Coffs Harbour at about 2.30pm. It didn’t take long to set up camp, and after getting out of my damp jeans and into some tracky daks we settled down to some chocolate Digestive biscuits and a cup of tea. Then the layers started going on, first a jacket, then another jacket, then a beanie. I felt freezing, and this is only Coffs! It’s going to be a lot colder than this in Victoria.

Ducks making themselves at home. Chris checked the temperature, it was 16 degrees C. That’s freezing to me.

Although the ducks waddling through our campsite didn’t seem to mind it: it’s good weather for them.

Of course, Chris soon got bored. He can’t sit still for two minutes, so after a bit of faffing around he turned his Macbook Pro into a TV. Clever git.

TV and Internet. Five star camping.

Not long before the sun went down, it actually stopped raining and it stayed dry the rest of the night. We had a rather ungourmet meal of a packet of chips (entrée) and tinned beef stew cooked in the microwave (dinner). Later I sent Chris out to forage at the local petrol station and he came back with butter, strawberry jam and cheese. I made some pikelets for supper and we had them with the butter and jam.

The end of a rather damp day saw us both cosy and warm in the Teardrop, me doing this blog and Chris watching TV on his Macbook. Just like home really. 🙂