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In January 2010 I’d just finished working for a company where I’d been an Admin Assistant for over ten years. I liked my work mates, I enjoyed my work, and I guess I really liked my little rut. But the company had changed and more change was coming: I figured if things had to change then I wanted to change on my own terms. When the company eventually offered voluntary redundancies, my hand shot up, ‘pick me’ I cried, maybe a little too loudly.

Of course, redundancy meant I still had change and uncertainty on my plate. I wondered how long it would take to find work? Could I perhaps try something other than office admin? Did I want to study? Well, the answers were; three weeks after starting to look, probably but not this time, and no, it costs too much, plus I couldn’t decide on a course.

A bit over a year later I find myself in a very similar position. I’ve just finished a ten week temp job that ended up lasting ten months. Again, I’m wondering how long it will take to find work? But this time, I’m not fazed by the uncertainty. I don’t fear the unknown. I faced this situation last year and ended up having a wonderful time in a new company, making new friends and learning new skills. Something will come along, and I will see it as long as I’m looking in the right places. And as it’s a numbers game, I’ve let everyone know that I’m available so I have extra eyes on the lookout.

My job hunting started in earnest on Tuesday, today is Thursday. So far I’ve applied for a few jobs on seek.com.au and I had one nibble on the strength of my cover letter. Two friends have forwarded my CV to prospective employers who might be interested in what I have to offer, and of those two I have an interview with one on Monday. I think that is a pretty good result for two days work, so now I’m going to reward myself with a cup of tea and a good book. I’ll miss that when I’m back in the working world.

I’m hoping to work for another ten years, and maybe the next job will be that brilliant job that I’d be happy to stay in for the whole ten years, or it might only be a temp thing that lasts for a couple of months, I don’t know. All I know is that I need to work, not only to pay for all the lovely holidays and music and comedy gigs I have planned for this year, but to give me a sense of purpose. Sitting at home with books and cups of tea is lovely, but I couldn’t do it all the time.


Well, what a week this has been! After going for my agency interview last Thursday, the lovely interviewer, Shona, recommended me for the role that I had been nominated for, and she lined up an interview with my prospective employers for this Monday afternoon.

My husband, Chris, was going to take me to the office for the interview, but Haku, one of our daughter’s nine rats, needed to go to the vet because his foot had swollen up, so I bravely said, that I would go all by myself.


Haku is a guts

The office was about half an hour drive away, that’s twice as far as I used to drive to my old job. And I even had to drive on the motorway for a short time. Just for me to go out of my comfort zone like that is a big step, never mind having my first job interview in years. I am constantly surprising myself lately; doing things that I used to chicken-out of, to find they are not so scary after all.

The interview went well, I was myself and I didn’t pretend to be anything I wasn’t. It was like the agency interview all over again, only this time I was still on a high from a weekend full of comedy shows. I had watched Sammy J’s new show 30 Ricketts Lane, twice, and I got to meet him after the show; I’d had a little hug too. My comedy-high definitely spilled over to the next day, and after the interview I thought they would either think I was a crazy comedian-stalker, or they would see I was a well-balanced woman, with a lot of outside interests to help keep me sane in the workplace. 😉

Anyway, I must have impressed the three interviewers, because I got a call very early on Tuesday morning from the agency telling me that the prospective employers had found me ‘delightful and quirky’ and wanted to know if I could start the next day? I told her, “of course I can!” and so after just less than 8 weeks since my redundancy, my life as a domestic goddess has been cruelly cut short.

So, on Wednesday 24 March, I started work as a Project Administrator, assisting and helping to organise the Project Manager (the lady who suggested I go for the role). I have been a sponge for the past 3 days, absorbing lots of information about the project being worked on. It’s a lot to take in at the moment, and I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into things so I can feel useful again. I will be able to do more after my Council Induction next Monday and Tuesday.

The plan is that I will be there for two to three months, maybe more; after that I don’t know what will happen. You never know, Council might like me and take me on permanently, or my project manager might decide to take me with her to her next assignment, (although she will be taking about 3 months off after this one for a rest). Or the agency may send me to interview for another post somewhere else. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I am happy to be where I am now… they have 13 different types of tea bags for a start: I’m in tea heaven! However, the place is also booby-trapped with several containers of biscuits on the kitchen bench and lolly jars everywhere!

Whatever happens from now on, I feel I’m on my way. Between a few people believing in me, and the TYSIC (Ten Year Self-Improvement Challenge started by Mark Watson) I went for a job that I didn’t think was within my reach. Other people believed I had it in me, it was only me that didn’t believe. With a new optimistic, ‘if I don’t try I won’t know’ attitude, I’ve proved myself worthy of at least being given the chance. Now I’m going to try my hardest not to let anyone down, including myself.

I’ll admit, there’s still a part of me that thinks ‘I can’t believe I’ve been allowed this chance’ but when I’m feeling confident, my brain tells me ‘of course you deserve to have this chance, you rock!’

Oh, and just in case you wanted to know, Haku is now on antibiotics and he is feeling much better. 🙂