Around this time last year we saw our first Sammy J & Randy show 30 Ricketts Lane (with puppeteer Heath McIvor). It was amazing and I became a fan. Since then we have seen Sammy J solo a couple more times,  so we knew what to expect of him in his festival length show of, Skinny Man, Modern World.

Chris and I and our daughter Sarah and her boyfriend Daniel, all went to see Sammy J at the small Rooftop Terrace room at the Brisbane Powerhouse. We arrived with ten minutes to spare, but because we’d never been to the Rooftop Terrace before, Chris insisted I ask the box-office lady how to get to there. I said, ‘but it’s obvious we go up in the lift until it can’t go any higher, the name kinda gives it away,’ but I asked anyway. Sure enough, we were directed to the lift. Duh! The room was quite wide but not very deep, and not as dark and dingy as the Turbine Rehearsal Room downstairs. We sat roughly in the middle of the room and a few minutes later Sammy bounced onto the stage. He seemed genuinely pleased to have such a full room for a Tuesday night, it probably held close to 100 people.

Sammy J is not just a stand-up comedian who happens to sing songs and play the keyboard, nor is he a musician with funny talky-bits between songs. He is an all-round performer, linking funny songs at the keyboard with his stories and views on such topics as the future and death. He tells revealing and embarrassing anecdotes, such as his account of a run-in with a very angry fan, a dick(s) joke from his adolescence, and one grossly unpleasant but hilarious story about a very confusing and alarming ‘morning after the night before.’

His pin-striped, on-my-way-to-an-interview look stayed intact throughout the night, which is unusual for Sammy J. There is no stripping off in this show. This show was talk-heavy with only a few songs punctuating the insightful, silly, or naughty humour. He performed; Delete, and Driving, Time To Go, and The Mermaid Song, a narrative about his boyhood and an ugly, old mermaid called Ruth.

After the show he sold and signed his DVD 58 Kilograms Of Pure Entertainment (for only $20.00) and posed for photos.

Autographed by Barack Obama and Sammy J, well he doesn't have to sign as himself. He also asked me, "but do you know MY surname?" and I'm afraid I couldn't remember: how embarrassing.

As usual he was lovely to all of us. When he signed our DVD, he asked if we’d met before and asked my name, I said Sue and he said “Sue Coles?” I’d forgotten he reads his Facebook page. It was unnerving but nice to be mutually stalked, the last time that happened to me was with Tim Minchin back in 2009, but back then it was MySpace. How times have changed, now it’s all about Twitter and Facebook, and Tim is a pseudo rock star playing arenas and Sammy J… well, he’s still playing small rooms, but he is appearing on TV a lot more these days so I hope word spreads and he plays to more full houses, in bigger venues. He certainly deserves them.

Sammy J and Daniel pretending to be disinterested in getting a photo.

Sarah and Sammy J marvelling at iPhone 4 forward facing camera.

Sammy J and Randy now have a new show, a follow-up to Ricketts Lane called Bin Night and they’ll be bringing their fantastically clever theatrics to Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Sydney Comedy Festival. It’s a shame I’m such a geographically challenged fan girl. Until Edinburgh that is…

Me and Sammy J. For once I'm not grinning like a loony.

… see you there Mr McMillan. 🙂

Find out more about Sammy on his website.