Wednesday, 27th April, 2011 – Forbes to Dubbo via Parkes Observatory

Kilometers traveled: 168

Weather: lovely, cool start, warm day, about 20 degrees C.

Today’s post was to be called Chris And Sue Go To The Zoo, as the plan was to have a couple of hours ride straight through from Forbes to Dubbo. and then go to Western Plains Zoo just up the road: but that didn’t happen.

Instead, we stopped about half way to Dubbo, at the Parkes Observatory and decided to spend some time there instead, then have an easy afternoon at our Dubbo campsite.

The Parkes Observatory Visitor Centre was fascinating, we had a good look around and watched four short documentaries, three of them in 3D.

The dish had a huge role in televising Neil Armstrong’s moon walk in 1969: the event partially fictionalised in the movie, The Dish, which we bought from the gift shop to watch later.

The dish makes me look small. Thinking about the ever-expanding universe makes me feel small.

We had a delicious Devonshire tea in the superb Dish Cafe. The scones were light and dusted with icing sugar, with generous portions of strawberry jam and cream. I’m sure our doctor would disapprove of all that fat and sugar, but I won’t tell him if you don’t.

My view from Dish Cafe

Chris' view, me and Devonshire tea.

We left the dish behind and rode the rest of the way to Dubbo. The scenery was gorgeous.

Road to Dubbo.

Road to Dubbo

We got to camp at about 1.oopm, we didn’t put up any extra shelter as we had a shady site and rain has not been forecast.

When we unpacked the Teardrop and dried the dewy shelter we’d packed this morning, we found a grasshopper who had hitched a ride with us all the way from Forbes. Poor bugger, I wonder if he misses his hundreds of mates in Forbes.

We got some laundry tokens and washed our clothes, had showers and watched some TV. The amenities here are very good, they even have 2 ply toilet paper. Gee I’ve missed that.

For dinner I cooked up some pasta with bacon and cheese sauce, and we started our last bottle of wine. Unlike last night, I managed not to trip over anything today, so our meal stayed intact.

Tonight we sat outside and watched a DVD Chris borrowed from the kiosk, then we watched The Dish on the player inside the Teardrop. Or I did anyway: Chris fell asleep and saw the last five minutes.