Tonight we went to see Frank Woodley at the Powerhouse as part of the Brisbane Comedy Festival. ‘We’ being myself and my husband, and our son and daughter. I’d booked the seats last year sometime so they were great seats, only five rows back from the stage.

Anyway, we left home late and scooted in there with about three minutes to spare. I was a bit worried that we might arrive after the show had started; because we all know that tardy audience members are fair game to comedians. It turns out Frank is no exception, the late-comers did cop it a bit. Especially one poor group who didn’t get the ‘in joke’ that they’d missed. šŸ˜‰

I won’t go into too much specific detail as it’s a new show and I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone that happens to read this blog. But I can confirm that it really is fun for all the family.

I hadn’t seen any of Frank’s stand up before, so I wasn’tĀ  sure what to expect. I am familiar with the Lano & Woodley shows and my daughter and I went to see Possessed back in 2008; which, by the way I adored. But Possessed was a one-man play sort of deal, not stand-up, so I was in (bad pun alert) frankly unfamiliar territory. However, a fan told me that it’s nearly all new material and just a small amount of his old stuff.

When Frank walked on stage, he reminded me of someone and I couldn’tĀ  put my finger on who it was until about half way through the show. Then I realised the elusive doppelgƤnger in my brain was David Tennant, the Doctor on Dr Who. Frank wore a brown, striped suit, and of course Frank also has brown, slightly tousled hair, then at one point during the show he also wore glasses. I think it was the glasses moment that finally clicked theĀ  Dr Who switch in my aging neurons.

Frank not only does stand-up material in his show but also a few songs; some long, some short, and one very short. He performs all his songs while playing an acoustic guitar, and one song is dramatically enhanced with some rather theatrical lighting and a smoke machine. There is also one semi-serious (he called it whimsical) number which is quite sweet. Oh, and there is a mimed section, with props. This part of the show nearly made me wish I’d invested in some Tena Lady (it’s OK folks, even though were late getting in I still made sure I visited the loo before I took my seat). There is no damp patch on seat EE20.

Frank also had an absolutely dead-pan accomplice in his show. He generated a lot of laughs, and I can’t explain why, but he was very funny.

Well, that’s all I’m going to say as I don’t want to give anything away. If you go to see this show and you remember nothing else, I think you will remember the mimed section and a great ocelot joke, which by his own admission, isn’t even one of his.

Frank was charming and funny, being both awkward and professional at the same time. We really enjoyed the show and I would definitely go and see him again. So until the next time you’re in Brisbane Frank, so long and thanks for all the (oily) fish.