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This morning Chris Skyped his brother, Den in the UK, then he picked up a large cup of tea from the café downstairs, and we stayed in our room until lunch time listening to Depeche Mode and catching up on my blog. Looking out of our 32nd floor window we could see the trucks and coaches lined up behind the hotel for tonight’s concert.


For lunch we went downstairs to the eatery to buy McDonalds wraps, but we had a crazy woman in front of us who was obviously angling for a cheaper/free meal. She kept saying the meal deals and lists of food were confusing, and she banged on about it for ages. We ended up changing queues.

After lunch and our one dollar coffees, we played ‘spot the DM fan’. Anyone in black was of course a suspect, but some gave the game away by wearing band T Shirts.

We went back to our room to get ready for the concert and when we returned to the casino, there was no doubt about what was going on. Our game changed to ‘spot the non-DM fan’. The casino was engulfed by the black swarm.


Another strange phenomenon in the casino, was the sudden appearance of floor mops leaning up against the slot machines, and people carrying them around. We traced the mops to a room just off the casino floor where people were queuing up for them. We asked the lady at the door what was going on, and she told us that the local, regular players often get sent a flyer or an email saying they can come and pick up a free gift, today’s gift was a mop.  How exciting.

We walked back through the casino and noticed an online, and recent real-life friend, Jennifer in the GA line with a friend so we stopped for a chat. When we left them, another person in the line stopped Chris to compliment him on his Mesh T Shirt, and they talked about Mesh for a while, the guy was so excited to see another Mesh fan.

The 24/7 Cafe was our next stop, we weren’t very hungry so we had a banana and nut muffin each, then went to the bar for a drink. When we booked our hotel room they threw in a $45.00 beverage credit, so we used $16.00 of that on a Malibu and pineapple for me and a Stella Artois for Chris.

Then we tried to work out how to play the slot machines: it took ages. First we figured out how to buy the ticket from the machine, then when we got the ticket we didn’t know how to play, so we just kept pressing ‘spin’. Our $2.00 gambling money lasted a few minutes, and when that was gone we walked away. We wondered how much money the locals wasted to get their ‘free’ mop.

Then, at last the doors opened at the Pearl Theater: concert time! We were in the back row, but that didn’t matter, the theatre is small, it holds only 2,000 – 2,500 people. This venue is the smallest on the arena tour and sold out in 30 seconds. We were very lucky to be here in our nosebleed seats.

Lead singer, Dave was extremely raunchy in this show. His mic stand is the envy of many a fan, and during Policy of Truth, it might as well have been a pole-dancing pole. Chris, said to me, “he’s probably just having a scratch… itchy balls.” Haha, way to ruin a moment.

Chris stood on his chair several times as we had no one behind us and a six-foot tall, six-foot wide person in front of us, (it’s always the way). Despite tiered seating, when you are only 5 ft tall, sometimes when everyone stands up, tiered seating is not steep enough. I was fine, I was on the end of the row and could look down the aisle.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 3.22.46 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-23 at 3.03.31 PM

There was a guy a few seats down our row who was having a bit of a wild time. His shirt was off and his arms flailed about while he danced. The security guys came and checked on him twice, I assume to tell him to calm down. Chris had to get down off the chair when they turned up.

The set list this time was almost the same as the one we had in Santa Barbara. This time we did get Just Can’t Get Enough instead of Shake the Disease.

After the concert we went back upstairs to our room, but we didn’t stay there long. Hungry after dancing all night, we went downstairs to see what was still open. The answer was, not much. We found ourselves queuing at McDonalds again, then a random man asked if we’d like his wife’s roast beef roll as she couldn’t eat it and he didn’t want to waste it. So I had that and Chris had a fillet ‘o’ fish.

We went back through the casino and spotted Donell and Michele at the Central Bar. I have been online friends with them for years, and had finally met them both on this trip at previous concerts. We chatted with them until gone midnight, and then hugged goodbye, it might be the last time we see them in the flesh. I hope not, but realistically we can’t do a trip like this when DM tour every three to four years.

We were in bed ironically at 1.01 am, Chris was soon snoring, but I was wide awake on a concert high so I went on the internet for a while, and at around 2.30 am I finally went to sleep. Bye Depeche Mode, we’ll see you next time… maybe.



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