Saturday, 30th April, 2011. Glen Aplin to Capalaba via Boonah.

Kilometers traveled: 285

Weather: Warm in the sun, low 20’s. A couple of showers.

After our breakfast of jam on toast, we took the cover off the dome frame and draped it over the sunny end so it would dry before we packed it back in the Teardrop.

It didn’t take long to dry. We’re in QLD now, we had taken our jackets off by 8.00am.

As soon as the cover was dry, Chris packed it and all the other gear into the Teardrop. I let him do it, he knows where it all goes so there’s not too much weight on the tow ball. We don’t want any accidental wheelies.

We took one last walk down to the camp site’s river, then we went back to the trike and left for the Granite Belt Dairy for a spot of cheese tasting. When we got there we found they didn’t open until 10.00am, it was only about 9.30am but the door was open, so we popped in to ask if they were open yet. The owner very kindly set up early for us and we tried a few different cheeses, relishes, jams and chutneys. We ordered a couple of lattes to have in the courtyard and took some photos of their very furry dog.

Rex at the Cheese Shop

We left the shop with a couple of cheeses, a bottle of Summit wine, a jar of dried fig and apple chutney and a jar of lemon butter.

Our next stop was just after Warwick, where we did a bit of a detour to visit Mark at Travelbug Teardrop campers. He lives on a very rocky and bumpy dirt road, Chris drove the trike very slowly. Chris and Mark talked shop for a while, it’s good to compare different ideas incorporated into Teardrop campers. I like the idea of cup holders inside. We might put those in our Teardrop later as our shelf is always full of DVDs, laptop and iPhone chargers, and other assorted stuff like brochures and our torch for midnight walks to the toilet.

When we left Mark, we went home via Cunningham’s Gap and Boonah. The Gap would have been lovely if it wasn’t full of road works. The scenery is beautiful between Cunningham’s Gap and Boonah, you’ll have to take my word for it as I didn’t take any photos. We stopped at Boonah to have lunch at the Flavours Café, a bike friendly café that does lovely meals, this was our third visit, and as it was just before 2pm we were in time for the $10.00 lunch specials. We both had the Hawaiian wrap with salad. It was delicious. We also had another latte. Chris suggested putting a coffee machine in back of our Teardrop. I’m not entirely sure he was joking.

From Boonah we were going to go straight home, but we decided to stop in at Aussie Teardrop Campers to see Reiner and Sam, and return Reiner’s video camera so he could see all the Teardrops he missed at the Tawonga Teardrop Gathering. As soon as we arrived, it started to rain. We stayed and talked about traveling and Teardrops for about an hour, and soon it was time to do the last leg of our journey home: just as it started to rain again.

We arrived home just before dark, (around 5.00pm). The kids hadn’t missed us much, and the cats seemed indifferent, but the pool missed us, it’s gone a bit green.

And that’s it: the holiday is over. On the way home I did say to Chris, “we could stop somewhere else, you don’t have to be at work until Tuesday” but I think he thought I was joking… I’m not sure that I was.