Wednesday, 20th April, 2011 – Canberra – Parliament House and The War Memorial

Kilometres traveled: 49

Weather: Cold and grey (about 15 degrees C) and it rained on and off all day.
Us and Cilla.

We didn’t have to go anywhere today, so we spent the morning reminiscing with Cilla, and Chris took Milla out for a couple of little joy rides on the trike.

Milla going for a ride.

Cilla told me I woke her up last night using the loo, and in her groggy half-asleep state she thought I was a burglar. I’m lucky I didn’t get bopped on the head with a broom. If I come in to use the loo tonight, I’m going to wear my helmet.
­­This afternoon we braved the weather and went to the City, or as it’s known around here, ‘the Civic’. Our first stop was Parliament House. There only seemed to be drop off zones around so Chris quickly jumped off, took the photo, then reprogrammed the GPS and we set off again. A security guard walked past us but he didn’t say anything. Well, our mode of transport is hardly inconspicuous, so I guess he figured we weren’t a threat to national security.

DACAT at Parliament House.

The nice lady on the GPS didn’t get us lost today and we were soon in the underground car park at the War Memorial. Outside everything was all set up for the ANZAC day dawn ceremony on Monday. The memorial itself was very impressive, as was the museum. I was deeply moved by all the personal artifacts, dioramas and paintings. It was a huge building, they even had fighter planes on show inside. We spent a couple of hours looking around and that was really only a flying visit. You could easily spend all day there if you wanted.

Chris with Parliament House in the distance.

Then we came back to Cilla’s, where we were greeted by the smell of simmering bolognese that the girls had made for tea. Well done Milla and Anna, if you are reading this… it was lovely.

We have an early start and a long ride ahead of us tomorrow, our next camp is at Tawonga where we’ll meet up with the some other Teardrop owners at the annual Teardrop gathering. This means no lie-in for me tomorrow… and it’s supposed to be cold and wet too. Brrrrrrr!