Saturday, 23 April, 2011 – A trip to the markets at Bright, about 30km away.

Weather: beautiful, sunny and 20 degrees.

Last night was SO COLD, our neighbours have a thermometer and they said it was 2 degrees C last night. I ended up wearing a tracksuit and dressing gown to bed and putting our jackets and a towel on top of our thin doona. Next door have an electric blanket: that’s not such a bad idea.

This morning Chris cooked us a bacon and egg breakfast. Then we had some Teardrop stalkers drop by to check out a few Teardrops. By the time they left us it was gone 10.00am so we set off to the big markets at Bright about 30km away.

The drive to Bright was beautiful. We went over the windy mountain road stopping at Sullivan’s Lookout on the way for some photos. The view was stunning.

The markets at Bright were very busy, we had a look around for an hour or so and had a pie for lunch. It was a tasty steak and mushroom pie, but it was only luke warm. Never mind, it filled the hole.

Bright. Close to the markets.

At the end our visit we did a bit of wine tasting from one of the wine stalls and bought 3 bottles for $40.00 to take back to camp.

I took a few photos on the way back down the mountain (from the back of the trike) and we also stopped at the S.E.C. Lookout.

The road out of Bright going back to Tawonga.

Chris at the S.E.C. Lookout.

Going down the mountain from Bright towards Tawonga.

At the bottom of the mountain there’s another lookout, not far from our camp. We stopped there and met the Teardrop stalkers again, and had another chat for a while before heading back to camp.

Tonight we all went to the local hotel for a meal. Unfortunately we couldn’t all sit together. Chris and I sat with Keith. The place was really busy and the servings were massive. I nicknamed Keith’s rare steak Uluru. Michael brought his guitar and performed three Spanish songs after dinner. He is a professional musician. Someone bought him a glass of red for his payment.

We had all taken the courtesy bus up to the pub but Chris and I decided to walk back to camp. We were glad of the flashlight app on the iPhone as it was a pretty dark 1km walk. It was worth it though as the night sky was amazing: so clear and so many stars.

We got back to camp at about 10.10pm and had a cup of tea then rugged up ready for bed. Tomorrow we are going to ride to Falls Creek, it is very high up and very cold. The cook-off is tomorrow too… exciting stuff.