Monday, 25th April, 2011 – To Bogong High Plains and back to camp, 90km round trip,

Weather: Sunny and warm in Tawonga, and much colder as we rode higher.

This morning we both had a lie-in until 9.00am. That is unheard of for Chris, all the cooking yesterday must have worn him out. We had the last of the toasted muffins for breakfast and said goodbye to the few Teardroppers that would be leaving us today.

We’ve been chatting to Teardrop owners about condensation, we’ve found that in the mornings there is a lot of condensation inside the Teardrop due to the cold weather and it is quite damp underneath the mattress although it is not wet enough to feel it on top. Others have had the same problem in the past, and put down rubber camping mats under their mattress to keep it off the floor. We will do that when we get back to Brisbane. Today we just propped up the mattress up to let the air get to it while we took the trike out for a spin to the Bogong High Plains.

Our first stop was 30km up the mountain at Falls Creek where we had a latte at the ski resort.  Our drinks were served in what looked like ostrich sized egg cups. The road was winding and forested much like the road to Bright on Saturday, but a bit greener, wetter and more mossy looking. There were lots of trees and ferns, a dinosaur wouldn’t have looked out-of-place. Then we went a couple of kilometers up the road to Rocky Valley Dam: It was stunning. The water looked so blue. We stayed there for a while before heading higher into the Bogong High Plains.

The countryside up there was rugged and desolate, lots of rocks and dry-looking grass, and it was very cold. There quite a few hikers and cyclists, in fact I couldn’t believe how many cyclists we saw coming up the mountain, they must all be super-fit.

We rode for about 15km after the dam, then turned around at the Raspberry Hill camping area and headed back home stopping off several times for photos from Falls Creek back to Tawonga.

When we got back to camp we packed up our site so we wouldn’t have to deal with too much dewy, wet stuff tomorrow morning.

Happy hour was at 4.00pm, this time it was held around the fire behind us. The guys are still talking about the Keith’s prestigious cook-off award, it is not-so-secretly coveted by all the guys, especially Ken.

Everyone disappeared for their dinners then came back to the fire again for more warmth and banter until about 9.00pm, after that we had the fire to ourselves. We weren’t alone for long though, we had three visitors come to ask about the trike and Teardrop and we finally got to bed at about 11.30pm.

It’s a long day tomorrow. Tawonga to Forbes, the first leg of our journey back home.