The first time I saw Tim Minchin perform Storm was at the Brisbane Powerhouse on March 18, 2009. I sat in the first row, directly in front of him. He towered above me, all tight black trousers and frilly white shirt, wineglass in hand and spittle floating in the spotlight: I was mesmerised. The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop, except of course for the laughter during the lighter moments.

In this educational beat poem Tim argues with a young, female dinner guest, (Storm), trying to make the point that things that are not scientifically and empirically proven are unlikely to be true. His observations are funny because they’re true; the facts cleverly sugar-coated by his comedic facial expressions and body language.

His performance is spot on, at first subdued and mildly irritated and gradually becoming more animated as the story unfolds into rant mode, stamping his bare foot to “Isn’t this enough? Just this world? Just this beautiful, complex wonderfully unfathomable, natural world?”


I’ve always loved Tim’s other ‘spoken word’ pieces, Angry (Feet) and Mitsubishi Colt, but Storm was new to me, and I briefly toyed with the idea of learning all the words. That idea didn’t last long, Tim is very wordy and nine minutes is a long time.

Thanks to the merchandise queue after this first show, I got to meet Tim and talk to him. He was just as I imagined him to be; lovely, attentive to his fans, and very generous with his time and his hugs. It was the first of six shows and six merchandise queues in a row, and before long Tim recognised me and knew my name.

Marveling at my ‘old school’ black canvas bag kindly sent to me by Tim’s webmistress, Linzy in return for Tim Tams. Tim says, “she’s too nice for her own good.”

Myself and daughter, Sarah, March 18, 2009. The bunny ears are being made by Sarah, they are not on Tim’s poster.

Fast forward to April 2011. Tim has become more famous over the past two years. He can’t always stick around after shows, especially if it’s a long run and he has to save his voice.

But he’s not been resting on his laurels, Tim’s been very busy. He wrote some new material and has toured the UK and Australia with a new orchestra show. On top of that he has created music and lyrics to the RSC’s production of Roald Dahl’s, Matilda, (mooted to move to London’s West End around October or November, 2011.) And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also narrated the Oscar winning short film The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan.

But he’s not been the only one busy creating over the past two years. Some other very talented people have made an animated movie to accompany Tim’s words.

And without further ado, here it is, Tim Minchin’s masterpiece, Storm and the amazing animation and typography of DC Turner and his cohorts.

It has only been on Youtube for four days, and already there are close to 290,000 views. I hope there will be millions more.

The Storm Movie website has information and merchandise for all things relating to this new animation.

For more information on Tim Minchin go to, and to be the best informed stalker you can be, go to