On October 9, 1984, Depeche Mode played in Gloucester, UK on their ‘Some Great Reward’ tour. Chris and I met in Bristol, waiting for a coach to the venue.

Fast forward exactly one year, and we got married in Bristol. Over the next 28 years we emigrated to Brisbane, settled there, and had our family. On our 28th wedding anniversary we happened to be in Vegas, so of course we arranged to renew our vows while in town. Because that’s what you do in Vegas.

The usual choice is a wedding with an Elvis impersonator, but we wanted to be different, so we arranged to hire a trike and go through the Little White Wedding Chapel’s drive through ‘tunnel of love’.

At about 9.00 am, we took a taxi down to Eagle Riders to pick up our Harley trike, their office wasn’t far from The Palms, so it only cost about $10.00 to get there. We decided while at the desk doing the paperwork, that we’d better have a GPS fitted, so we had to wait while they installed it for us. No worries, we had allocated plenty of time.

We got to the chapel early, and because it was a slow day for them they did us a little before our 11.00 am slot.

It was so good, cheesy but lovely, and perfect for us.

We wore jeans and our new Depeche Mode T-shirts to remember what brought us together, and my bouquet was a single red rose, a common symbol of the band thanks to their album, Violator.

violator rose     my rose  the tunneltrike wedding

Our gushy pastor was really welcoming and nice, the ceremony only took a few minutes, but it seemed longer at the time. I nearly lost it near the beginning, when I was suddenly overwhelmed by what we were doing. It was all recorded on to DVD, and when the ceremony was over we had our official photos taken. I didn’t have an official photographer the first time around, so I found this bit really good fun.

We gave the pastor the recommended $40.00 donation in an envelope, and Chris gave a $20.00 tip to the photographer because he was so lovely. We were out of there with a DVD of the ceremony and a CD of the photos by 11.15 am. Brilliant.

done it

After the ceremony we rode off towards Red Rock Canyon. Thanks to the Federal Government shut down, we knew we could not go on the scenic drive through the park, but we went for the scenery along the normal road.

Red rocks

red rocks road

The guy at the Eagle Riders counter had recommended Bonnie Springs Ranch to us for lunch. It was a great little place, quirky and very friendly.

the ranch

They were decorating it ready for Halloween activities starting from October 10. They had a ‘cowboy town’ and petting zoo there, and some other things, but we had very little money left, and it looked like it might rain soon, so we just had lunch there, then headed back to Eagle Riders to give back the trike.

They were quite surprised to see us back so early, we could have returned the trike at 6.00 pm, or even kept it overnight and got it back before 9.00 am tomorrow, but we had done what we wanted to do with it, and it was getting quite cold now, and by cold I mean below today’s high of 24 degrees C.

The other reason was that the Harley trike was uncomfortable for Chris to ride. I was OK on the back, but Chris was not used to the upright position compared to our Panther Trike at home. His short legs were not suited to that style and in his words, gave him a “sore leg and a dead ass.” Charming.

Eagle Riders gave us a lift in the courtesy bus back to The Palms, but as usual, nothing is really free, there was a tip jar prominently positioned on the dashboard, so a few dollars went in there. Still, it saved us walking for half an hour.

We got back to our room for the last time and sorted out our boarding passes on one of the hotel’s complimentary computers and printers, and packed our cases ready for tomorrow.

Our USA adventure was over. We had a nice soak in a hot bath and relaxed for the rest of the day. Everything after that is censored. :p