After the high of the Depeche Mode concert and a very late night, we had a long lie in this morning.

We Skyped Mum and our friend Marc in the UK who was online at the same time.

Our plan for the day was to go to the cheaper end of the Strip to buy a new suitcase, and to go to Fremont Street, the ‘old’ Vegas this evening.

We took the hotel’s courtesy bus to the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, then we bought a 24 hour Deuce bus pass for $8.00. These buses travel up and down the Strip 24 hours a day seven days a week, so we could use it to get to Fremont Street later.

We didn’t spend long on the Strip, we just took the bus down to the cheaper end of the Strip and bought a case the same size as the one we killed trying to walk to our hotel on our first day here. The new case cost us $50.00 plus taxes: money we didn’t really have to spare.

We took the Deuce bus back to Caesars Palace to wait for the courtesy bus back to our hotel. Well, our driver was anything but courteous. We were curtly told that we could not bring our ‘luggage’ on board the bus. “But it’s empty, we just bought it”, we said. But that didn’t matter. No explanation, just “you can’t bring that on here Sir”. So we had to fork out for a taxi… Bummer, another $10.00 or so that we didn’t anticipate. The money allocated to the USA part of our trip was running out faster that we thought it would. How depressing.

When we got back to our room with the case we decided we’d had enough of slot machines, flashing lights and herds of people shuffling along footpaths, so we didn’t go to Fremont St after all. We had a nice quiet, cheap night in and went to bed early. Which was probably a wise thing to do, for tomorrow we had a very early start. We had to be ready and outside the hotel at 6.30 am as we were off to the Grand Canyon: and that was going to be awesome.