We slept in again this morning, then at about 11.00 am we went downstairs for an early lunch at the Earl of Sandwich. We both got the chicken and salad wrap. We should have asked them to omit the balsamic vinaigrette dressing, Chris’ face was a picture. But worse than that, there was no hot tea available, so we had iced tea instead, except it wasn’t… it was room-temperature tea. Yuck. We added sugar but it was no better, in hindsight we should have added some ice cubes to it, but it didn’t occur to us at the time. Duh!

Then we checked out the hotel’s pool, it was a massive area, with lots of young people sunbathing on lounges, and the background music was all recent hip hop style stuff. Not really our cup of tea… much like this morning.

Back inside the casino, we tried to use the slot machines, but they didn’t take coins, only notes, or a purchased ticket. So our $2.39 of loose change stayed in Chris’ pocket.

After our failed attempt at gambling, we took the hotel’s free shuttle bus to the Strip. First we walked through Caesars to see the animatronic Greek statues, but the area was closed down for a new show in the works, so we went outside and walked along the front of the Bellagio. This time we were treated to three synchronised music and fountain displays as they run every 15 minutes on weekends. We haven’t seen the same display twice yet, there must be a lot of them.

We had decided that while in Vegas we should see a show, so we went to one of the Tix4tonight booths to choose one. Even at discounted prices we couldn’t justify watching any of the ‘big name’ shows, or the popular, expensive shows, like Jersey Boys, or the Cirque shows. So we decided that Vegas! The Show would be perfect, the cheaper GA tickets were only $52.00 each, and what better memories could we make than see a Vegas show, that was about Vegas?

We made our way back to Planet Hollywood as the show was at the Saxe Theater inside. Along the way we bought some water, and yogurt/fruit/muesli things as we weren’t really hungry for a proper meal. While at the cheaper end of the Strip, we also looked for a new suitcase. They are about $40.00 to $50.00 for a similar sized case to the one we killed walking to our hotel on our first day in Vegas.

As we walked through the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood, we noticed a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. The coffee smelled divine and I hadn’t had a latte in over two weeks so we splurged and had a regular (and by regular I mean huge) sized latte. Delicious.

We walked back to the Saxe Theater about 1 hour and 20 minutes before the show and a queue for general admission was already starting to form, so we joined it. We had a long wait, but it was worth it for us as a normal reserved seat was worth nearly double the price.

The show was great, and the dancers were all full of energy. There were two tap dancing guys, numerous dancing-girls and guys, impersonators singing old songs, even a comedy/bird tricks act, and a couple of amazing roller-skaters. The entertainment was loosely held together by a guy telling the story of ‘old’ Vegas from the Neon Museum. The ending was nostalgic and moved me to tears, but that’s not difficult, I cried during ET.

After the show we walked back along the Strip, towards the Bellagio to see some more fountain displays.

Vegas lights

Vegas lights

Vegas lights

This time the displays were lit with white lights under the water. Very pretty. Then we walked to the Mirage and its volcano show. We were there five minutes before it started so there was a large crowd gathered there and we were quite far back. Despite this we were near a speaker so the brilliant drum soundtrack was loud, and we could still feel the fire’s heat when the show was in full swing.

Mirage volcano

It was impressive but the Bellagio Fountains are still my favourite.

We wandered back down to the taxi/bus area under Caesars to catch a cab back to our hotel, just off the Strip. The fare cost a bit less than $10.00. A lot cheaper than what a new suitcase was going to cost us, isn’t hindsight great?