Our first full day in Vegas! We slept in and got up at around 8.15 am. There is no free breakfast at this hotel so we went downstairs to check out our options. After two weeks of free continental breakfasts, Chris wanted a ‘proper breakfast’, meaning bacon and eggs, so we went to the Bistro Buffet with our newly acquired ‘Players Card’ to give us a couple of dollars off. (We picked up these cards yesterday for discounts within The Palms Casino, Chris gets even more discounts for being over 50!)

There was a huge range of food to choose from, but we could only fit so much in, so the blueberry pancakes had to stay where they were. Our cups of tea were delivered with some assembly required; two cups of hot water, two small teapots of hot water, two tea bags, two glasses of milk, and two packets of honey.

After our all-you-can-eat breakfast, and our do-it-yourself tea, we took the free shuttle bus from our hotel to Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip. The bus ran every half an hour from 11.00 am, and the last bus back from Caesars was at 8.10 pm. We spent all day walking along the Strip, right up to about 6.45 pm when we got back to Caesars to catch the bus back to The Palms.

We saw lots of free attractions, starting with the Bellagio Gardens. They had it themed for autumn, with huge pumpkins grown specifically for the display. It was very impressive, a beautiful place.


Outside, the Bellagio Fountain displays were wonderful, the music was so moving I cried a bit: bloody hormones. We plan to come back one evening to see them lit up at night.

Bellagio Fountains

There were the usual characters wanting a few dollars from people for photo opportunities, including the very odd combination of Freddy Krueger standing opposite Mickey and Minnie Mouse. There was a Homer Simpson, drunkenly lounging on a wall, and a Hangover guy with a plastic tiger, he was a big hit with the crowd.

On a few of the bridges over the Strip there were buskers and people illegally selling bottled water from Eskies for a ‘donation’ of a dollar. There were also some people who were obviously homeless and asking for money. But on top of all these usual suspects, we had a new group of people to contend with… these mostly short, darker skinned people, were all dressed in the same baggy T-shirts with “GIRLS” and phone numbers printed on them. It was obvious what they were pushing, flicking business cards towards everyone who passed them, there seemed to be no discrimination. Potentially everyone was given the opportunity to sin in Sin City.

We criss-crossed these bridges over the Strip many times, ducking in and out of the air-conditioned Casinos. We saw the gondolas inside The Venetian, the medieval themed Excalibur, and probably about a million slot machines.

The Wildlife Habitat at The Flamingo was nice, a little oasis away from the crowds. The big Japanese Koi Carp were beautiful.

Japanese Koi Carp

We ended up down at the ‘cheaper’ end of the Strip with all the souvenir/T-shirt shops, and went into McDonalds for a $1.00 coffee. Don’t worry, we are not turning our backs on tea, it’s just that the coffee was cheap.

This area of the Strip is also home to the Harley Davidson Cafe, Planet Hollywood, and the Miracle Mile Shops.

Outside the Harley Davidson Cafe

Late in the afternoon we started to walk back to the Caesars Palace area of the Strip again, and all their ‘higher end’ shops, like Jimmy Choo and Tiffany’s. There weren’t many people in these shops, it was mostly only the shop assistants, how can they afford to stay open?

Caesars Palace is massive, it is easy to get lost in there, we took a few wrong turns before we found our shuttle bus stop, even though we took a photo of the entrance when we came in this morning.

Caesars Palace

When we got back to The Palms we were starving as we hadn’t had lunch, so we went back to the Buffet Bistro for our dinner, it was a bit more expensive than we expected, then we realised why, it was a seafood buffet that night. It cost  $44.00 including 18% gratuity and tax. At this bistro, the price included beer and wine so we had a Chardonnay with our meal. Oh yes, we were living the high life.