Thursday morning, Vegas day! We were up before 6.00 am, and had our usual continental breakfast at 6.30 am, then walked down to the JW Marriott by 7.05 am to catch our 7.30 am coach to Vegas. While waiting we noticed that a lot of people ride their bicycles on the footpaths here. I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t want to be in this traffic in a car, never mind on a bike.

The coach finally showed up at 8.00 am due to a couple of no-shows and bad traffic, we got to the interchange at Anaheim and frantically changed coaches to go to Vegas. We also had to pay another $2.00 per person fuel surcharge. Nothing is ever the price you expect here, there’s nearly always some extra charge or other, and taxes, and tips to take into account.

Our bus was number 222, and our attendant Marley was funny, informative, and helpful. She had a slow awkward delivery, like Josie Long and Hannah Gadsby combined, if they were talking about mountain passes, desert, Joshua Trees, and mysterious ninja donkeys.

The trip was good, a lot less stressful than if we’d driven ourselves, frankly we couldn’t face doing that after our driving experiences so far.

When we got to Vegas our luck ran out. We decided to save the taxi fare and do the half hour walk to our hotel off the strip. Not a good idea as it turned out. We were about ten minutes away from The Palms Casino when the wheel on our largest case collapsed. It was 31 degrees today and the surrounding of the wheel had actually melted, rendering the wheel useless. We balanced the case on another smaller case, but that made it very top-heavy, and difficult to pull.

Chris being chivalrous wouldn’t let me try to pull it, so I took the two smaller cases. But soon he’d had enough. He looked about ready to collapse. He stopped at the corner of the block The Palms was situated on, and I went to get help with the cases. I walked right through the building and out the other side before finding a manned desk under the second tower, The Palms Place. A nice man there could see I was a damsel in distress, and got a car and took me to pick up Chris and the cases. He drove us back to The Palms Casino and got our cases on a trolley for the bell boy to take away. We were so relieved.

We went inside and checked in at the reception desk, it was on our left, behind the main entrance doors. In my haste to find help I had walked straight past it beforehand. I put it down to being temporarily dazzled by the hundreds of flashing slot machines right in front of the main doors.

We walked through the casino area to the eatery and got a Hawaiian toasted sandwich and a juice from the Earl of Sandwich, before heading up to our room on level 32. We phoned for our luggage to be delivered to the room and then unpacked and settled in for the night.

Wonky wheel

When we checked out the bathroom… the bath had jets! Fancy!

Palms bathroom

The rest of the room was nice, except there were no tea making facilities, nothing, not even a coffee machine! The minibar had weight sensitive shelves, so we didn’t dare open the door in case we accidentally moved something and got charged for it.

The Palms room

After our adventures getting here we were happy to just relax while Vegas partied on around us. But by mid-evening our tea addiction got the better of us and we went downstairs to the 24/7 Cafe. Our teas cost $4.00 each! This would be an expensive week.