Our last day in LA started with a curve-ball from Grand-Adventures.com. We had an email telling us that our Grand Canyon Sunset tour was canceled because the South Rim had been closed down by the Federal Government. Now, because of right-wing Government nut jobs we had to change our plans. Either we go to the more touristy West Rim, or get our money back and find something else to do. The West Rim was still open as it is run by the native American Indians, (the Hualapai Tribe), so it doesn’t come under National Parks.

From what I have read, the West Rim is not as wide or deep as the South Rim of the canyon, it does have the Skywalk, and it is closer to Vegas, but we were still disappointed that the tour we booked could not go ahead. We decided to move the date of our tour from the 5th to the 8th October in the hope that things might change by the time we are due to go.

We had a late breakfast downstairs, then went out for a wander around the local Downtown LA area. Luckily for us it hasn’t rained since we arrived in the USA. We walked through the jewellery district, with the sun shining through the shop windows onto the sparkley diamonds. Then we found a farmers market open at Pershing Square, there were lots of food and drink stalls, fresh fruit and veg, nuts and dried fruit. This was all set up around a huge water feature in the park. It was nice.

After our walk we went back to the hotel to finish our washing so we’d have all our clothes clean for our week in Vegas. We also Face-Timed Sarah, it seems the cats are missing us and they are pestering her for attention. Nice.

Our evening meal was at the Corner Bakery, we both had chicken and bacon carbonara, it was very rich and cheesy with spicy breadcrumbs on top. It was so rich and there was such a lot of it, I was afraid I might get indigestion, but thankfully I didn’t.

Back in our hotel room we packed our bags with our freshly laundered clothes and I updated the blog, (sorry it’s so far behind). We went to bed early because we had an early start the next day, for Thursday we’d be off on our next adventure: Vegas!