Today was the second day of our 48 hour Hop-on Hop-off bus pass, so we walked down to the invisible purple line bus stop across the road from the Grammy Museum, (no really… there is no sign there), and rode to Mann’s Chinese Theater to change buses to the red line like we did yesterday. This time we rode downstairs, so we were out of the wind on the 101.

Today’s collection of characters at Mann’s Chinese Theater included; Jack Sparrow, Spiderman, Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, and Chewbacca. Also; Charlie Chaplin, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and an excellent Transformer. Add to them all the tourists taking photos of the famous hand prints in the foot path, some noisy buskers, multiple CD pushers, and people wanting you to go on their tours, and it was sensory overload. We pretty much went straight to the red line bus so we could get out of there as quickly as possible.

Our destination today was the Petersen Motor Museum, to look at the history of cars and their impact on LA, and to just admire the pretty, shiny cars. We got off the bus at the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), and walked to the Petersen Motor Museum from there. Showing our bus ticket gave us a two for one deal at this motor museum, so we both got in for $15.00. Bargain. We were in there for nearly two hours.

Petersen Motor Museum

I really liked the way the first floor was set out in streetscapes as if you were walking along a road with the cars set out in chronological order along the way. And being in LA, we could not go without a couple of recognisable characters added into the display.

Laurel and Hardy

Upstairs, we saw lots of hot rods and custom cars and a few ‘celebrity’ cars. Cars either previously owned by celebrities, or famous cars like the Batmobile, or cars from famous movies. There were also sections on the evolution of motorbikes, alternative power cars, an exhibition on the rise and decline of car fins, and one on pickups, or as Aussies would say, ‘Utes’. We took a lot of photos.

On our way out of the museum we spied a very 50s looking diner called Johnny Rockets. It was fitted out in red decor with a black and white tiled floor, and little jukeboxes in the booths. We were going to have a banana from this morning’s breakfast for our lunch, but after nine days of continental breakfasts, Chris and I were both craving bacon, so we decided to forgo the fruit for bacon, lettuce and tomato toasted sandwiches. They came with unlimited salad and chips, but there was no need for either of us to go back for seconds. I couldn’t even finish my chips, or should I say, ‘fries’.

From the Petersen Motor Museum, we walked about 15 minutes down Wilshire Boulevard to find Whimsic Alley, a great little shop selling Harry Potter and Dr Who stuff, and other similar things. It is set out to look like Diagon Alley, and it’s delightful to wander through. Unfortunately for them we were only window shopping, but there was a lovely velvet, burgundy cape in there for $45.00, I would have bought it in a heartbeat, if our budget weren’t so tight.

After Whimsic Alley we headed back towards the bus stop at the LACMA, stopping at the La Brea Tar Pits to look at the bubbles of methane gas rising to the surface of the tar/water lakes. There was a museum here too, full of the fossils found in the pits, but visiting wasn’t really an option due to lack of time and money, so we moved on through the grounds of the LACMA back to the bus stop, looking at the sculptures and the street lamp display along the way.


The red line bus picked us up from here and took us back to the Mann’s Chinese Theater Interchange, but this time we got off one stop early to walk along the Walk of Fame. The nearer we got to the theatre, the more people there were. And, many restaurants along the way had people out the front touting for business, trying to entice us in with their special offers and ‘happy hours’. But we had a purple line bus to catch at 5.00 pm, and if we missed it we’d have to wait until 6.30 pm for the next (and last) one of the day, so we were not stopping anywhere.

Once on the bus we went upstairs, as the sun was not so hot at that time of day. After studying the bus map we realised that if we got off at the first stop, (only an hour away), we would only have a short walk to our Downtown hotel, instead of  doing two hours of a two and a half hour loop. So that’s exactly what we did.

On our walk back to the hotel, we stopped in at Ralph’s Supermarket for some washing powder and tea bags, and got some extra quarters in our change from the cashier. For tonight, with an extra hour up our sleeves, we decided to start washing our dirty laundry. Exciting stuff.

Both the washer and dryer took five quarters each and we had nearly all our laundry washed and dried by nearly 8.30 pm. The guest laundry was in the hotel’s dingy basement, but we were happy there was one available, as we were dangerously close to running out of undies.

The rest of the night was spent in our hotel room updating Facebook photos, general web-surfing, and chatting to Sarah online. Bed time was at 2.00 am, but that didn’t matter as Los Angeles is huge and overwhelming, and after all our activities lately we decided that tomorrow would be a recovery day. Yes, tomorrow we would have a lie-in.