Today we had a quick breakfast downstairs before scarpering with some fruit and cans of juice stuffed in my backpack, and caught the Starline Hop-on Hop-off bus opposite the Grammys Museum down the road from our hotel. We bought two 48 hour passes, and got free tickets to Madame Tussauds, Hollywood. I thought this would be good fun. And it was.

It was a double-decker, open top bus, so we put on our sunnies and sunscreen and went upstairs. The hats were a waste of time, it was really windy on the 101.

We got off at Mann’s Chinese Theater, the interchange of the purple and red bus loops. It was packed. So many people were just milling around and taking photos, some were on a mission trying to get from one place to another without being harassed by tour vendors, or blokes trying to get you to listen to their music and buy their CDs.

There were also people dressed as TV and film characters in the hope that you’d want to have your photo taken with them for a couple of dollars. We saw a two Jack Sparrows, a Darth Vader, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and loads of other characters: crazy. I couldn’t stay here long, it did my head in.

Madame Tussaud’s was great though, they didn’t let too many through at a time, so we didn’t feel crowded or rushed. There were three official photo opportunities inside with photos that we could buy at the end if we wanted to, and we weren’t going to but they turned out really well so we splurged on them seeing as we hadn’t paid to get in. It cost $35.00 for four prints, and digital copies of all the official photos, (there were a few different poses at each of the three photo stops.)

All the rest of the venue was open to whatever you wanted to do, the only stipulation is that you don’t touch the faces. It takes about 800 hours to make each figure, so you wouldn’t want to break one.

We took loads of great photos, this is just a tiny sample of the photos we took.


The Godfather

And here are a couple of the green-screen official photos.

Hollywood sign

Jurassic Park

After Madame Tussaud’s we got on the red loop of the Starline bus tour and did the whole loop without getting off. We just listened to the commentary. Much of it was along the lines of, “coming up on your left/right is such and such, where Thingamabob was filmed, and straight ahead is where Thingamajig Studios used to be”. There was some up to date information, but a lot of references were made to the past glories of the Hollywood film industry, right back to the 1920s silent era. One of the more recent things pointed out, was the restaurant advertised by a then unknown actor in a chicken suit, that man was Brad Pitt. That made me laugh.

We got back to Mann’s Chinese Theater and to avoid the throng, we quickly changed buses back onto the purple route to go back to our hotel. There we updated Facebook with lots of Madame Tussaud’s pictures. It was a really good day.