This was a lazy Sunday, except for the Depeche Mode concert in the evening.

We awoke at 7.00 am but didn’t go down to breakfast until 9.00 am. We Skyped Mum in the morning, which was nice, and luckily the connection was good, it’s been a bit hit-and-miss at this hotel. Sometimes we had to pretend to be a guest at the hotel next door. Shhhh!

We have two sinks in our hotel here in LA, one next to the coffee machine near the door, and one in the bathroom. So we filled up the spare sink with ice and use it as our fridge to keep milk cold for our tea. Necessity is the mother of invention.

I spent the afternoon updating my blog and before we knew it, it was time to get ready for the concert. We walked out the door at 6.30 pm but couldn’t decide on what to have for dinner, and ended up at Ralph’s (supermarket) with a sandwich and a pumpkin latte. It was our first ever pumpkin latte, we liked it!

Going into the Staples Center, my belt set off the detector, so I had to have a wand waved over me to check for concealed weapons. We walked into the venue at the end of the Crystal Castles set then had to wait ages for Depeche Mode to come on stage.

We were much further away than at Santa Barbara, but that was expected in a venue that holds 20,000.

DM at the Staples Center

My online friends were in VIP seats in the front row. This was out of our budget, but we still really enjoyed the concert. The set list had a few different songs to the ones we had in Santa Barbara, with songs sung by Martin all different. (Higher Love, Judas, A Question of Lust, and Condemnation.) We also got John the Revelator, and Behind the Wheel, and in the encore, Just Can’t Get Enough, with a false start that was funny.

The atmosphere was awesome, even in the huge venue. We were side on the stage about half way up and three-quarters of the way back, the two women next to me, on the end of the row seemed to be either sitting down or away from their seats for a lot of the concert, so I had an unobstructed view. When they were there I was less fortunate. One woman had massive boobs, just at my eye height. No, I didn’t swap seats with Chris.

After the gig we walked back to the hotel, only about 10 minutes away, and soon the tight black jeans were off, the air-con was on, and we had a cold cider each from the sink. What an excellent day.