We had a good night’s sleep again last night and went down to breakfast at about 8.00am. We were spoiled for choice at our Santa Barbara Hotel, we have about half the choice here, but it’s free so we filled up. Everything in the continental breakfast is so sweet though, and no black tea? We had the choice of coffee, Earl Grey or green tea so we brought our English Breakfast teabags with us from our room. We’ve been making tea in the coffee maker again, it’s a filter type machine this time so we don’t have to mess about with pods.

We had a tour of street art today with my online Depeche Mode fan friend, Donell. She came to collect us in her Mini Cooper, black of course. We went to Melrose Avenue, it was pretty hot, about 31 degrees C, and it was very quiet, and we soon realised why: the shops here do not open until 11.00 am or noon! We thought that was quite odd. We wandered down the road looking in the windows at all the quirky fashions and kept our eyes open for graffiti along the way. Some of it was quite elaborate, and sometimes it wasn’t.

LA Street Art

Stop making stupid people famous

On the way back down the other side of the road, we ventured down some of the parallel streets to look at more street art, we even bumped into a few artists from Michigan doing their thing. It was interesting to watch.

Soon it was time for something to drink, so despite the heat we stopped in at Sweet Lady Jane for a cup of tea, we blame tea addiction on our English upbringing. We weren’t planning on having anything to eat, but it all looked really good, so we all had something from the cake display.

Us outside Sweet Lady Jane

Then we walked back to Donell’s apartment for a quick wee stop, or as the Americans say, to visit the restroom, or the bathroom. Donell was not keen on us taking the scary public transport back to our hotel, so she dropped us back at about 1.45 pm. It was good to catch up with her, I haven’t had any instances of online friends being anything other than lovely people who in real life are just as I expect. I’ve been quite lucky there I think.

This afternoon we went to The Pantry, a 24 hour breakfast place not far from our hotel that has been open since 1924, literally, there are no locks on the doors, it never closes. It was our first meal in the USA that was much too big for us, and we left with about a third of the meal still on our plates. Stepping outside we were immediately confronted with homeless people who can’t afford a meal, and we felt guilty about the wasted food.

With our bellies full and wrestling with our guilty conscience we walked down to the Staples Center to watch all the Depeche Mode fans going in to tonight’s concert. It took ages to fill as the venue takes about 20,000 people. We will be there to see them tomorrow. Tonight we bought our shirts that we will wear when we renew our vows in Vegas.

wedding outfits

For readers who don’t know, Chris and I met waiting for a coach to a Depeche Mode concert in 1984, and married one year later. This year, three days after seeing Depeche Mode in Vegas, we will be renewing our vows on our 28th wedding anniversary. After all, it’s Vegas, and weddings are what you do in Vegas… so with our wedding outfits sorted, we went back to our hotel and put up street art photos on Facebook and watched Big Bang Theory on TV… yes again… well, it’s familiar, and although it’s only been a week, we miss familiar things.