After our early night on Thursday, we awoke in our LA hotel room at 7.00 am. A proper night’s sleep at last!

We decided that Friday would be a day of rest. We had fitted a lot into our Santa Barbara stay, and LA seemed busy enough without us, so we spent the morning researching what we wanted to do while in LA and Vegas. We decided that the Starline Hop-on Hop-off Double Decker City Tour unlimited 48 hour pass was the way to go, as we’d been told that public transport is scary. Madame Tussaud’s is a freebie with a 48 hour bus ticket, and there were a few two for one offers, and discounted tickets to other attractions, so we will be able to see a lot without spending a lot.

After a lot more research, we also decided that we’d rather see the South Rim rather than the West Rim of the Grand Canyon when we get to Las Vegas. It is wider, deeper and less touristy. However it’s further away, so it will be a very long day. We found seemed to do a good deal, not the height of luxury, but nice personal service, not a big coach company.

We had ditched the idea of driving from LA to Las Vegas as we’d had enough of driving here. So we went down to the hotel lobby and used the guest computer and printer to book a coach to Vegas for October 3. No more stressful driving on the wrong side of the road for us!

Then we ventured out of the hotel to find the venue for tomorrow night. The Staples Centre was less than ten minutes walk, down the road and around the corner. Easy. We also found the JW Marriot Hotel on the way, it will be our pick-up point for the bus trip to Las Vegas.

On the way back we found a Ralph’s Supermarket, where we picked up a pack of four ciders, a couple of rolls and a chicken caesar salad for nearly $20.00. Dinner sorted… well almost. We didn’t have a bottle opener and the ciders were not twist top. So we made another trip to Ralph’s for a bottle opener. We put ice from one of the hotel’s ice machines in the sink to keep things cold as the room doesn’t have a fridge.

Our coffee machine at this hotel is a normal filter type machine so we just put a couple of tea bags in there and we are sorted for tea as well.


The wi-fi here at the hotel has been a bit iffy, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t we try the TV, but it’s not great, we usually end up watching Big Bang Theory on TBS. Another thing we’ve noticed is that the adverts for medications seem to list every single side effect, they really make you not want to buy the product… very strange.

On Saturday my online friend, Donell is picking us up for a morning sightseeing down Melrose Avenue. I am looking forward to meeting her, I’ve known her since around 2006-8. We are going to look at street art, so that should be something different.