This morning we were up at 8.15 am. That’s late for Chris. It was another hot sunny day in Santa Barbara. Chris and I slept really well last night, our body clocks are now on California time. We went for a very leisurely breakfast at 9.00 am until 10.00 am, then went back to the room and Skyped Mum for a while.

While I was chatting to Mum on Skype, Chris went to reception to book tickets for a hop-on-hop-off bus tour. Instead of coming back with online printed tickets, he came back with a brochure for Hot Rod Limos. He hadn’t got as far as reception as parked outside our room was a bright yellow car, and like a magpie drawn to a shiny thing, he swooped in to have a look. Well, that was it, our plans changed in an instant, and instead of busing it we were going in style, Californian style. I hastily ended my conversation with Mum, the connection was a bit iffy anyway, grabbed our sunscreen, sunnies and water bottles and we were off.Hot Rod Limo

It was a one hour tour for $25.00 a head, we were the only passengers. It was brilliant. Our driver, India, played 40s and 50s music, and some Beach Boys, and a few more recent songs, but mostly old stuff. It was like being on the trike as we were in the open air, and lots of people stopped and waved. She showed us the Moreton Bay FIg Tree that we saw yesterday, the Mission, East Beach, the night club area, the laundry that is not really a laundry, the little group of shops handy for the local celebrities, etc. She told us the history of the area, and facts about the architecture, and while we were at The Mission she told us about Juana Maria, stranded on an island for 18 years. It was all very interesting and fun.

Me at The Mission

After the bright, brash tour of this morning we went for a much quieter experience this afternoon. We took the 50c shuttle bus up to the main shops on State Street then walked to the Courthouse to have a look inside the building and around the gardens.  It’s free to go in and wander around, as long as you are quiet near the court rooms..


It was a wonderful place to explore, inside and out and has great views from the tower.


Then, somewhere on State Street we had soup and half a sandwich for our dinner, and took the shuttle bus back down the Stern’s Wharf, and walked back to the hotel. By this time our feet were aching as we’d walked miles over the last three days. Back at our hotel room, we updated our Facebook photos, and had an early night at 9.00 pm. We were knackered.

Tomorrow would be the dreaded drive back to LA. The stuff of nightmares.