Scottish music, a familiar sound during the Edinburgh Festival.

After last night’s shenanigans I had a long lie-in before heading off to the souvenier shops for a last-minute shopping spree. After that we both had a massive cottage pie lunch at BHS. Honestly, the meals were so big they lasted us all day.

In the afternoon we went to the Pleasance Courtyard for Emily Watson-Howes’ show, Seminar. As we were waiting in the courtyard I spied Mark Watson for the second time during our stay here. At first he was talking to someone, then he was chatting on the phone, but I saw him a few minutes later all alone, so I seized the opportunity to have a quick chat… Yes I know, Chris calls me a stalker.

After our quick chat with Mark, we went and watched Emily’s show. At first I was a bit uneasy, but as I got to know the character, I enjoyed it more. Emily played a rather flawed self-help speaker called Kimberly Jane Feldhauseur, all professional at the beginning but gradually unravelling and becoming more unstable as the Seminar played out. The show was engaging and funny and different to the usual comedy.

After Seminar we did a bit more shopping and then we went back to the hotel room, where I caught up with Facebook, Twitter and my blog notes while Chris had a nanna nap watching Terry and June on the TV. Understandable.

We left our room quite late to watch our last show of the fringe, so by the time we got to the venue, the queue for The Boy With Tape on his Face was pretty long, and we ended up sitting three-quarters of the way back. This meant Chris felt quite safe as there’s quite a lot of audience participation in the Boy’s show and Chris is not one to join in: but the people who did join in were great. I was mesmerised by this show, how he can hold the attention of a room without uttering a single word for a whole hour is just amazing. So that was our last show of the Fringe. A good show to end on. More information on the Boy can be found on his website.

The next day we trudged down the 67 steps of our hotel, The York Place and walked along to Princes Street to catch the bus to our car. We had arranged to park in someone’s drive for five quid a day via, which is much better than nineteen quid a day in the car park near our hotel.

As we left Edinburgh we listed to David Tennant being interviewed on the radio. Listening to his Scottish accent and his choice of song, The Proclaimers, I’m on My Way. I realised how much I’d miss the place, and we hadn’t even left yet.

To be continued…