We are three floors up, in our hotel room in Edinburgh, and after several trips up and down them, I’ve already decided I hate the stairs. However, this lofty room is our home for the next seven nights and I am very happy to be here in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival.

The weather is damp, we’ve had showers on and off all day, but thankfully my cold has gone, although husband Chris is still coughing his guts up.

We have had a look around The Royal Mile, watched some street performance and seen our first comedy show, Sammy J in Potentially. The venue, Underbelly, is an amazing labyrinth of a place, full of character, comedy posters, and I’m sorry to say it, more stairs. Sammy J was in White Belly, one of goodness knows how many rooms in the building.

Tucked in at the back of the tunnel shaped room, sat Bristol comedian, Mark Watson. He caused a buzz among the first couple of rows where we were sat. He wore a bright green T shirt and stood out like the green man you have to wait for before you can cross the road, except he didn’t flash… to my knowledge.

Sammy J, in a natty looking shirt and waistcoat, looked very dapper and performed brilliantly. Potentially is dialogue-heavy, he does sing a few songs to backing tracks but there’s no keyboard in this show. The story-telling incorporates some cute animals, some heartache, a red G-string and a happy ending, just like one of Sammy J’s favourite Disney movies: except maybe the G-string bit.

I’d have liked to have said hello to Sammy J and Mark Watson after the show, but I thought I’d better take Mr Cough-a-lot home to our hotel room for a Lem-Sip: and unfortunately for Chris that’s not a euphemism for anything.

Don't know what this is, but it looked impressive. Will check it out tomorrow in the daylight.