• Kilometres traveled: 3,620
  • Litres of petrol: 371.49
  • Cost of petrol: $602.08
  • Lattes consumed: too many

Things I missed:

  • During the couple of times we were without it, I missed the Internet.
  • Our en-suite toilet: the cold walk to the toilets at midnight is not fun, although the night sky is lovely.
  • 2 ply toilet paper: it was always a nice surprise to get 2 ply loo paper at a public or campsite toilet.
  • Chris missed roast dinners.
  • The royal wedding. Although to tell the truth we missed that on purpose.

Things I didn’t miss:

  • Housework, particularly ironing, floor sweeping, and picking up bath towels.
  • Job hunting.

What we will do differently next time:

  • If going to a cold climate we will take a thicker duvet, a hot water bottle, and an electric blanket: I’m only half-joking.
  • If going to a cold climate, I won’t be so optimistic, I will take less summer clothing.
  • A slow cooker is a good idea, a few other campers had them, we could cook a roast in it.
  • Rig up something to strap wet stuff to the Teardrop chassis. Wet things stored on the bed while traveling is not a good idea.
  • Make sure we have enough coins for the washing machines and dryers.
  • Stock up on tea bags before we go. Items bought at campsite kiosks are expensive.
  • If time permits, spend more than one night at each place, especially if long distances are traveled between camps.

Consequences of holiday:

  • Food and drink: I gained half a kilo, Chris managed to lose a kilo. How on earth did that happen?
  • Leaving our son and daughter alone for two weeks: None, they didn’t starve and they managed perfectly well without us.
  • Leaving our cats alone with our son and daughter: None, they didn’t starve, and I don’t think they even noticed we were gone.
  • Furry tea bags in our tea-pot.
  • We are now broke.

It’ll be a while before we do another trip like this one, the next Easter Teardrop gathering is mooted to be in Forbes, and one day we’d like to go to Tasmania. But until then we will have to look forward to our next weekend trip in July. This time it will be in a B&B much closer to home. We are going to our second Abbey Medieval Tournament. Last year we went for one day and it wasn’t enough so this year we are going for the weekend. I will be joining in with the belly dancing again. Fun.