Friday, 29th April, 2011 – Tamworth to Glen Aplin

Kilometres traveled: 363

Weather: Started sunny, but stayed cold and we had a few showers in NSW. It got a bit warmer by the time we got to QLD.

We left Tamworth 8.45ish so Chris could take a photo of DACAT at the Big Golden Guitar, and from there we set off for our next camp site at Glen Aplin. We had a lot of stops on this trip. Our first stop was at Moonbi Lookout.

Two big caravans had parked up there overnight, it was a pretty spot, but the toilet looked like a set for a horror movie. Rustic is an understatement: it was downright scary.

There were several more wee stops, (must be the cold weather and all the tea we drink). We were going to stop at the Celtic Festival in Glen Innes, but when we stopped there for petrol the wind was bitterly cold, so we decided to keep going. At about 2pm we stopped at Bluffs Rock for a cup of tea and the chicken sandwiches I prepared last night. Our Glen Aplin camp was less than an hour away.

At first I was very disappointed, with our Glen Aplin camp site, it looked like a caravan graveyard, where all the old caravans go to die. All our neighbouring caravans had broken and taped up windows, they were not a pretty sight. But we put up the dome and two side walls so we wouldn’t have to look at them, and because it looked like rain. We were right, it rained just after the dome went up.

Considering the run down state of the caravans, the amenities were good, they even had 2 ply loo paper! The loos and showers were all on river water, there were a couple of taps for drinking water, but everything else was river water.

I went to check out the unpowered camping area down at the Severn River, and it was lovely.

The owners were very helpful, and the on site security man was very friendly and talkative. In the end I was glad to be there, a good reminder not to always trust first impressions.

While I was taking photos down at the River, Chris was trying to get on the Internet.

Chris trying to get the Internet on my little computer, and looking up tomorrow's trip on the GPS.

It was frustratingly slow so he shut the computer down. We contemplated putting up the TV aerial so we could watch TV on the laptop, but we knew that the royal wedding would be all over it, so we opted for DVDs instead. I’m sure I’ll be able to see wedding highlights later on when I’m at home: if I wanted.

It was very cold tonight so we had a tinned and dinged meal, (two tins of braised beef and onions and a tin of peas, carrots and corn cooked in the microwave,) it made a sort of beef stew, it tasted pretty good. I suggested Chris enter it for next year’s Teardrop cook-off: he laughed. I don’t think he took it seriously, but if he serves up beef stew next year, check our rubbish bag for tins.

A couple of times during the evening, when walking to the amenities, I had to stop and marvel at the night sky. It is just amazing how the stars seem so bright out here away from city lights. I’m even more in awe of the night sky since visiting the Parkes Observatory this week.

Chris found my missing hairbrush in the top box of the trike today, it marks the return to civilisation, tomorrow we are going back home. We made plans for a couple of stops on the way, then went to bed and watched Danny Bhoy and Josh Thomas DVDs. Wedding? What wedding?