Thursday, 28th April, 2011 – Dubbo to Tamworth

Kilometers traveled: 350.

Weather: Cool, mostly sunny.

This morning Chris cooked up the last of the bacon and eggs for breakfast. All this fatty food has done me no good at all, and my jeans have felt a bit tight all this week. Or I could blame the tracky daks I’ve been wearing under my jeans to keep my legs warm.

Talking of legs, I haven’t shaved them for two weeks, nor have I worn make-up. Add to that the fact that I lost my hair brush about a week ago, and I’ve been finger combing my hair ever since, and you might conclude I’ve become a bit feral. Well, that’s camping for you.

We left Dubbo at about 8.15am and rode through the beautiful countryside to the country music capital of Australia, Tamworth. We stopped at Mullaley Park for a wee and cuppa, when Keith from the Teardrop gathering appeared from nowhere. Small world. We also  had a chat with a guy who pulled up beside us in a huge RV, towing an enclosed trailer. It turned out that the trailer had an Oztrike in it.

We took another hour to get to Tamworth and arrived at the camp site at about 1.00pm. Not being huge country music fans, we didn’t really do very much in Tamworth. We went to the visitor centre to find out where the big golden guitar was so we could visit it tomorrow, then we bought a Red Rooster chook for sandwiches and for butter chicken and rice for dinner tonight.

The campsite is nice, there’s plenty of shade and no rain was forecast so we didn’t put up any shelter. We watched a couple of movies on TV and confirmed our booking for Glen Alpin tomorrow.

Today it suddenly occurred to me that in less than 48 hours we will be back home. Kids, you’d better start tidying up.