Sunday, 24th April, 2011

Weather: warm and sunny. About 20 degrees C.

Today was Easter Sunday. The bunny came and left a few eggs around the place as bunnies usually do. His tell-tale foot prints were all over the campsite this morning.

The trike stayed in the garage as we decided to have a lazy day at home and go to Falls Creek tomorrow instead.

We had toasted muffins for breakfast, and then wandered around the grounds having a nosey at all the Teardrops and chatting to other Teardroppers. We took some photos and some video for our friend Reiner as he couldn’t make it this year. There ended up being eleven Teardrops here altogether, although one or two had gone by the afternoon. Every Teardrop was home-built and is unique. They are like dogs, they match the personality and needs of their owners.

The sun was so hot this afternoon, that I actually put on sunscreen and wore a T-shirt and jeans. We had a cheese sandwich for lunch as tonight we had the cook-off to look forward to, it was all very top-secret, no one told anyone else what they planned to cook. I sat in the sunshine and had a couple of glasses of wine after lunch and supervised Chris’ lamb stew. This is how camping should be ALL the time.

We spent a lot of today just sitting around and chatting. I think I’ve convinced Robyn next door to take up belly dancing.

The cook-off tonight was lovely. We started with a happy hour at 4.00pm and all the food the guys had made for the cooking competition arrived around 6.00pm. There were two stews, one beef and one lamb with dumplings, chilli con carne, chicken curry, minestrone soup, chicken, roast pork and stir-fried veggies, damper, and caramel dumplings. It was all delicious. Everyone remarked how high the standard was this year.

The ladies all got together to vote and the winner of the cook-off was Keith with his minestrone soup. He was very pleased. There was some talk amongst the guys of phone in votes and postal votes, and there was a lot of joking going on. I think the cooking competition is taken more seriously than the other two trophies.

The winner of  the Best Home Built Teardrop was Mike…

… and we won the Best Camp Set Up because we were the only site with a garage!

After dinner a lot of us went back to the camp fire behind our site. There was more joking around about the cook-off and some techie talk about building Teardrops. Most people left around 9.45pm.

After that, Chris and I watched a DVD in our Teardrop, the Adam Hills stand-up show Inflatable, or at least I did, Chris fell asleep half way through.