Friday, 22nd April, 2011 – We only went from Tawonga to Mt Beauty and back again today: not very far.

Weather: mostly fine, occasional showers. Very cold.

Today was our first full day in Tawonga. I got up at about 8.30am and had a warming cup of tea and toast, then we went out to Mt Beauty on the trike.

Chris left the garage doors open, and let in all the cold air.

Today’s mission was to get fresh provisions for the next few days. Although it is Easter Friday, the shops at Mt Beauty were open so we picked up some fresh veggies, meat, eggs, milk and bread, and ingredients for the cook-off on Sunday. The cook-off is a men-only cooking competition, and all the women judge the best dish. Chris was going to go all out and make pineapple and cheese on sticks, but decided to do something better suited to the alpine environment.

We’ve gained another Teardrop beside us, it turns out our new neighbours, Daryl and Robyn live about 20 minutes away from us in Brisbane: small world.

New neighbours

We also got more tenants in the static caravans and cabins behind us. They are an excitable lot, and very interested in the Teardrops, they’d never seen them before and they’d been coming here for about 25 years. One lady jumped onto the bed beside me to have her photo taken! I was trying to catch up on my blogging as we only got the Internet back this afternoon.

Tonight we had spaghetti bolognese for tea, then it was time to gather around the fire again. Bruce and Kirk, two of the other Teardroppers tried to set up their telescopes, but it was too dewy on the lens to see properly. The air was very cold and a little misty, just like last night.

The caravan-dwellers behind us were having a bit of a party and played loud music until about 9.30pm, but thankfully the music wasn’t bad so it was quite nice to have it in the background.

Ken brought over a bottle of port that he’d had knocking around for a couple of years, so we had some of that, it warmed us up on the inside as the fire warmed us on the outside, and we all chatted around the fire until about 10.30pm.

Tonight it is so cold I had to put on an extra layer in bed. It must be close to freezing out there.