Thursday, 21st April, 2011 – Florey to Tawonga

Kilometres traveled, 426.

1782km traveled altogether so far.

Weather: Cold, grey, foggy. Then colder, greyer and foggier. Then sunny spells.

We rugged up nice and warm and said our goodbyes to Cilla and the girls and left Florey just before 8am. It was cold and a bit foggy. About an hour later it got very foggy, visibility was about 5 or 6 metres. It was like riding through a cloud. After about an hour of this we stopped at Jugiong Roadside Cafe for a food and wee break. We each had a coffee and an egg and bacon burger. It was a welcome break, they seemed like the best coffee and burger we’d ever had! ­­There was a chalkboard over the doorway and the message on it said “Life is an adventure to be lived, not a problem to be solved.” Too true I thought.

The fog lifted after Jugiong, and the grey clouds changed to white ones, then eventually we actually got some sunny spells. The scenery was nice; brownish grass, and a few trees, sheep, and some cows.

While admiring the countryside I also noticed a sign saying “Need direction? Follow Jesus” Hmmm, I thought, not unless his voice is on the GPS, and even then I wouldn’t trust him. We’ve learned to not totally trust the GPS.

We went through Holbrook which had a big submarine set in the middle of it, and for some reason there were mini mokes parked everywhere. If we’d had more time we would have stopped, but we were on a mission to get to our campsite before it rained.

As we came off the Hume Highway and onto the road to Mt Beauty, the grass suddenly changed from brownish to green and there were more cows than sheep. The scenery was very pretty, all hilly and lush, with European trees of all the colours of autumn.

Autumn leaves.

We finally got to our campsite mid-afternoon, the weather was quite warm and sunny so my outer layers soon came off. We set up the dome over the Teardrop very quickly as we’re well-practiced now. Chris also attached a lean-to type tent to the dome, I thought it might be to make a kitchen/diner on the back, but he put it on the front of the dome to make a garage for DACAT. Just as well as not long after we were set up it rained for about an hour.

This long weekend there should be 15 Teardrops scattered around the grounds, I think there are about 7 here today. We had a wander around the grounds to find the amenities blocks and see a few Teardrops and owners. We also got some necessary supplies from the kiosk, (chippies and chocolate). Then had a light tea of pumpkin soup and toast.

We have a Teardrop behind us which is more like a Romany caravan. So cute. That’s the thing about home-built Teardrops, they are all so personal and full of character. Its owners (Michael and Lisa) set up a fire between our sites where they cooked their chops and sausages, they shared the sausages with us, they were very spicy. I’m sure they helped clear my sinuses. Eleven Teardroppers gathered around the fire tonight for a chat, trailing off to bed at about 10.30pm, we were also visited by a brush-tailed possum.

The good thing about tomorrow is we don’t have to pack up again to go somewhere else tomorrow. This is it for a few days now. Bliss.

All set up for the next few days.