Tuesday, 19th April, 2011 – Bowral to Canberra

Kilometres traveled: 183

Weather: Perfect. Blue sky and cotton wool ball clouds. High of 21 degrees C.

We had a very easy day today. I had a lie-in and Gerry spoiled us with a cooked breakfast to set us up for the day.

I can’t think how, but I forgot to mention on my blog post yesterday that Roy and Gerry have a puppy… his name is Rubin and he is gorgeous. He likes having his belly scratched.

We set off late at 10.15am and had a very short run to Berrima where we stopped and went walkabout around the town. Every shop seemed to sell some kind of cottage industry product; jams, relishes, woollen items, and gifts of all sorts: all the other shops were restaurants or cafes.

Wooden geese in boots.

Oldest pub in Australia with continuous license.

The Quarry Path, Berrima. This was a lovely little walk.

We left Berrima after a chat about trikes with a Swiss gent. That’s the thing about trikes and Teardrops, they both draw a crowd whenever we stop.

The scenery on the way to Canberra was mostly flat, very dry-looking. There were a few more golden coloured trees, they look really pretty. Then we had hills to the right and flat ground to the left for a long time. We stopped at a rest spot for a cup of tea and wee break and Chris took photos of a wind farm in the distance.

Then we got on the road again and went straight through to our friend Cilla’s house in Florey where we’ll be camping in her back garden.

We arrived at about 2.00pm and had a late lunch, and talked all afternoon and into the night. The girls made chicken, chips and salad for tea. Thank you  girls if you are reading this, you did a good job. 🙂

We had a lot of laughs and sang along to the 80’s music on Cilla’s favourite radio station. Apologies to the neighbours. We were only drinking tea. Honest.

At the moment it’s about 10.00pm, we are warm and cosy in the Teardrop and the temperature outside is about 12 degrees C. Freezing!

By the sound of it, Chris is going to do some trike joy rides tomorrow and we are going to visit Canberra. Exciting.