Monday, 18th April, 2011 – Port Stephens To Bowral

Kilometers traveled: 324

Weather: Perfect.

The day started well; a cup of tea in bed, a bit of a lie-in, birds singing, and best of all a blue sky. We took our life in our hands and went for a little stroll among the hoards of small children on bikes and scooters and made the most of the water view until it was time to leave.

Our first stop was to get petrol. There was a Caltex not far down the road so we pulled in there. Chris had a bit of an accident with the nozzle and sprayed petrol everywhere. I declared my jeans a fire hazard, but I waited until later to change out of them.

About 20km before our Gosford stop, we pulled in for a trouser change, a cappuccino and wee stop at a service station. The toilets were unusual, there were magic eyes that dispensed soap and water at the sinks. We also met a gaggle of grannies out on a day trip and spent a bit of time with them talking about our trike and Teardrop. They loved the Teardrop, we had the kitchen open where we’d made our cappuccinos.

Little and large. We were soon surrounded by grannies.

Then we left the grannies behind and went to Panther Trikes in Gosford, where DACAT was born and said hello to the owners Josef and Riza and picked up some spare parts for DACAT. The workshop was smaller than I imagined, there were two Panther skeletons in the workshop, they looked weird with no body on them.

Our next stop was Bowral, where we were to stay with the parents of Adam, (a friend of ours). We were led a merry dance by the GPS and went around in circles for a while, it was pretty stressful. The traffic was horrible and the GPS was very confused. We stopped at two service stations for directions, got on the right road, swore at the GPS a lot and then we were right.

Apart from being sprayed with petrol and getting lost in Sydney, the day was really nice. It’s amazing how much difference good weather makes: and today’s weather was perfect.

As we went through Mittagong, I noticed autumn colours in the trees. We don’t get much of that in Queensland. All those reds and yellows looked really pretty. Bowral was not much further on and we arrived at about 4.00pm and were treated to a cup of tea and a lovely ham, cheese and home-made tomato relish sandwich.

Roy and Gerry have a beautiful home, all vaulted wooden ceilings and wood-paneling, like a large scale English cottage.

Our accomodation for tonight: bit of an upgrade from the Teardrop.

They were perfect hosts. Later we drank wine and ate a sumptuous dinner of home-made chicken pie, garden grown broccoli, some carrots, sprouts and roast potatoes. I could only just squeeze in the apple sponge cake and cream dessert… it was a welcome change to the nuked tinned delights we’ve had for the past two nights.

Dinner and wine and good conversation.

So, now I’m in a nice wide bed, full of dinner and Cabernet Sauvignon and ready for sleep. Tomorrow we are off to visit our friend Cilla and her two girls in Canberra.

I’m sorry there are no photos today, the Internet is a bit iffy here and I’ve tried to upload photos but it’s just not working. I’ll try to put some on here tomorrow.

UPDATE: Photos are up!