Last night, along with 3,600 other people with good taste in comedy, we saw Tim Minchin Vs The Orchestra at the Brisbane Convention Centre. We got there very early thanks to a ‘heads-up’ email from Ticketek advising us of limited parking due to the recent floods. Thanks to our early arrival we had time to check out the merchandise stall before the doors opened. If you’re a Tim fan yet to see his show, I recommend you budget accordingly (i.e. take lots of money) because there’s lots to choose from. While I went to the box office to do some ticket admin, I left my husband in the merchandise queue to buy the CD Tim Minchin and the Heritage Orchestra recorded live at the Manchester Arena, however, my sneaky but lovely husband also purchased a Rock ‘n’ Roll Nerd mug and a tour T-shirt while I wasn’t looking. He knows me very well.

For the past few months I’ve stayed as spoiler-free as possible, as I knew that roughly half the songs in the show were new: I’m glad I made the effort last night as the ‘reveals’ and punchlines had their full impact. I won’t go into too much detail on the content of the new show as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. The talky-bits in between songs were all new too, and I don’t know if it was the lack of a poem, but it seemed to be a much more music-heavy show than normal? Tim probably wanted to get his money’s worth out of the orchestra. 😉

Our seats were in the mid-priced range, half way up the first tiered section. Usually for Tim shows I have seats closer to the stage, as his face is so expressive, but thanks to the two big screens I could still see his eyebrows doing their thing. At one point Tim caught sight of the back of his head on-screen and commented on how good his hair looked at the back. I must admit, it was very bouffant.

There were plenty of old songs to keep me happy, but I was especially pleased to witness my first live performance of Not Perfect, and it was about then I remembered that I’d forgotten to bring a tissue for the occasion. I well up every time I hear it, I also well up at orchestral music, so it stands to reason there would be tears at encore time. If you are a reader who has yet to see the show, stick around, don’t run away to the car park too fast, there are two encores!

I think it’s his heartfelt semi-serious songs I love the most. One of the new songs fits in this category, it is a thing of beauty. The other songs are a mix of silly, clever, insightful and as usual a couple of songs to convey his godlessness.

Tim is easily my favourite comedian. He was my gateway drug to the world of live comedy. I became addicted in 2007 when I first discovered him performing Not Perfect on a quirky little ABC show called The Sideshow. Since then I’ve seen him every time he’s played Brisbane, that’s nine times including last night. He articulates my thoughts much more eloquently than I ever could, and he does it in rhyme, while playing the piano… I think that is fantastic.

If you don’t already have tickets to Tim’s sold out Australian shows, don’t despair, ABC2 are televising a live broadcast from the Sydney Opera House on Sunday, March 27, 2011, If you’re not going to be home, record it, it’s going to be ace.

UPDATE: Due to gremlins in the audio when originally broadcast, the show will be rebroadcast on Sunday, April 3, 2011.