We went to see Josh Thomas on Saturday, March 5, it was my first show of the 2011 Brisbane Comedy Festival. There will be a lot more shows to come. I may write about them all, or not: we’ll see.

So, Josh Thomas: I wonder what it is about him that people like so much? That is, those people who don’t find him squeaky and annoying? By the way, I don’t think that… I think Josh is funny.

Josh talks about himself in his shows, so we know about him and he knows precious little about us, so I think it’s a plausible idea that girls see him as a friend. Some deluded girls seem to want to marry him; and older women (like me) want to mother him, give him a hug and comb his annoyingly wayward hair.

As for men, well, I can’t really speak for all of them but I guess most men also want to befriend him, deluded ones may also want to marry him, but he’s already got a boyfriend, and Queensland still doesn’t allow gay marriage which strikes me as ironic. I can give one man’s opinion, my husband said the show was ‘alright’. He’s a man of few words.

In Josh’s latest show, “Everything Ever” he tells us stories of his chubby childhood, his angsty adolescence, and shares sordid tales of being a grown-up on holiday somewhere I can’t remember the name of, it’s got a name like Poontang, but it’s definitely not that, he doesn’t go there anymore, like I said, he has a boyfriend.

He tells tales of his Mum and his siblings, and shares a hilarious account of his Grandma and a robber, (if it’s true, his Grandma rocks). Actually, even if it isn’t true Josh’s Grandma rocks anyway. He also gives us his very funny version of events surrounding the Ruby Rose Twitter incident.

He talks a lot about sex, both straight and gay, and he drops the C-bomb a couple of times, so this show is not for everyone, there’s a reason for the no under-15s rule. This content is not the same as you get on Channel Ten’s “Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation”.  This is Josh Thomas stand-up comedian, closer to the Josh you’ve seen on “Good News Week” (shown in a much later time-slot).

I saw Josh’s show “Surprise” at last year’s Brisbane Comedy Festival and liked it enough to buy the DVD of it this year after seeing his new show. There was a long line up for merchandise and autographs, but it moved pretty quickly as he doesn’t chit-chat and hold everyone up. No hugs were allowed either, so my motherly instincts were thwarted: never mind, I didn’t have a comb anyway.

On the merch table Josh also sold posters for $10.00, with all proceeds going to Beyond Blue. A very good cause, dear to my heart. Good on him for doing something selfless and defying Gen Y stereotypes. Like someone probably famous once said, “labels are for cans not people”.

We also have Josh to thank for curating the first ever Brisbane Comedy Festival three years ago: and for that I shall be eternally grateful.